Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seminar Package

For seminar package we offered price according to the bed inside the room:
  • RM160-RM180 per person/per night (single)
  • RM110-RM110 per person/per night (double)
  • RM 85-RM 95 per person/ per night (triple)
  • RM 75-RM 85 per person/ per night (four)
  • RM 65-RM 75 per person/ per night (five altogether)
Package include:
  • breakfast
  • refreshment
  • lunch
  • hi-tea
  • dinner,BBQ dinner
  • supper
(* halls include P.A System, mic, white screen for LCD/OHP and teaching method.)

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  1. I'm hafiz
    Can i get your quotation for seminar package for 7 days with 30 candidates?
    Email me pls